Nadia’s Initiative Overview

Founded in September of 2016, Nadia’s Initiative is dedicated to rebuilding communities in crisis and advocating for victims of sexual violence. Through its two initiatives, Sinjar Action Fund (SAF) and Survivors Action Response (SAR), Nadia’s Initiative challenges world leaders to act – to make “never again” a reality, not an empty promise.  Words without action inflict the same harm and suffering as the perpetrators of mass atrocities and sexual violence.

Sinjar Action Fund ( SAF ) Nadia’s Initiative established the Sinjar Action Fund (SAF) to advance reconstruction efforts.  Nadia’s Initiative is uniquely positioned to facilitate the redevelopment of the Sinjar due to its extensive knowledge and understanding of the political, cultural and economic complexities of the region. Nadia’s Initiative brings a comprehensive peace building approach to the process of rebuilding and recognizes that reconstruction efforts must be developed locally – local solutions to local problems.  Nadia Murad seeded the fund by donating 100% of her prize money from the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Without further commitments from the global community, the Yazidi population will cease to exist.  

Survivors Action Response ( SAR ) Sexual violence knows no geographic boundaries and occurs with disturbing frequency – not just as a weapon of war. Nadia’s Initiative supports and develops initiatives that focus on justice for survivors – both formally and informally.  Programs developed and supported by Nadia’s Initiative are survivor centric and put the well-being of survivors and communities at the forefront of all initiatives.


Genocide Recognition. 

Nadia’s Initiative has been instrumental in pressing nation states to formally recognize the Yazidi genocide. Nadia’s Initiative engages directly with world leaders and calls on them to issue public statements that emphasize their accountability under international law. In establishing new precedents, Nadia’s Initiative stands with all persecuted religious minorities targeted for genocide.


UN Security Council Resolution 2379.

Nadia’s Initiative has worked extensively to pressure the United Nations Security Council to pass Resolution 2379 which opened an investigation into the war crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidi people.


De-mining Sinjar.

Nadia’s Initiative raised substantial commitments from the French government, the EU, and additional donors. Together with our donors we identify, evaluate and select implementation partners for reconstruction projects in Sinjar. 


Voice for Survivors. 

Nadia’s Initiative contributed to greater global awareness of sexual violence and the needs of its victims. In 2018, Nadia Murad was the co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.