Survivor Action Response

Voice for Survivors

Nadia Murad continues to speak out in the media to build greater global awareness of sexual violence and the needs of its victims. Humanitarian concerns of survivors are frequently overlooked or mischaracterized in the international press. As a member of the French Government's Gender Advisory Council, she works with advocates from around the world to persuade governments to draft and implement progressive legal frameworks that will protect women from violence and discrimination. Nadia also advocated for the passing of UN Security Council Resolution 2379, which established the United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (UNITAD).

Global Fund for Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence

Conflict related sexual violence occurs with haunting frequency and is systematically used to destroy and terrorize not only individuals, but entire communities. Perpetrators target civilians with violence that involves rape, sexual slavery, and torture. Survivors face a cascade of consequences from permanent physical injuries to long-term debilitating trauma. These crimes - committed across entire communities - destroy family ties and inflict harm over generations. The consequences are further exacerbated by poverty and stigma.

To meet the needs of thousands of survivors, the Mukwege Foundation and Nadia’s Initiative launched the Global Fund for Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence in October 2019.

Relocation of Survivors

Nadia’s Initiative worked in partnership with the French government and International Organization for Migration to relocate 100 Yazidi women and their children to France. Nadia Murad also advocated for the relocation of Yazidi survivors to Australia and Canada.



Accountability for ISIS’ crimes against the Yazidis

Working with human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, Nadia's Initiative brought the first prosecution of international crimes committed by ISIS militants against Yazidi victims to court. As the survivors’ counsel, Clooney is helping the Yazidi community secure accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated in Iraq and Syria, including genocide, mass executions, sexual enslavement, human trafficking, recruitment of child soldiers, and forced displacement. Nadia's Initiative also worked on and advocated for the passing of UN Security Council Resolution 2467, which expands the UN's commitments to end sexual violence in conflict.