Baghdad Blocks De-mining in Sinjar

This week in Paris I met with President Macron’s advisors to the Middle East, the French Foreign Ministry, the French Crisis and Support Center.  The French government re-affirmed President Macron’s commitment to assisting the Yazidi community in Iraq. Our discussions prioritized security and de-mining in the Sinjar region which is essential to allowing my community to return to their homes. 

I am disappointed to learn that the French government’s de-mining partner, The Mines Advisory Group (MAG), and other NGOs committed to rebuilding Sinjar are still waiting to receive specific permits from the Iraqi government to begin their work. I urgently request the government of Baghdad to expedite the registration process for MAG and other NGO’s.

Nadia Murad Basee
UNODC Goodwill Ambassador
Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking