Nadia Murad, co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, will make a brief statement and answer questions at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Monday, October 8th, @ 11 am. Ms. Murad is humbled to receive this award and shares it not only with her co-recipient Dr. Denis Mukwege, but also with all victims of sexual violence globally.

Sexual violence knows no geographic boundaries. Nadia will address her thoughts regarding the Nobel Peace Prize, including the critical issues she hopes the award will bring attention to including sexual violence as an act of war and the importance of rebuilding communities ravaged by genocide. With over 3000 Yazidi women still in captivity, 300,000 living in IDP camps, and the Yazidi homeland of Sinjar uninhabitable, the Yazidi community remains on the verge of collapse.

Murad is a 24-year-old Yazidi woman who advocates on behalf of her community and survivors of genocide and sexual violence. Nadia’s peaceful life was savagely interrupted in 2014 when ISIS attacked her homeland in Sinjar with the intention of ethnically cleansing Iraq of all Yazidis. As a survivor, Murad believes she has the opportunity to be a voice for the forgotten faces of genocide and sexual violence.

Nadia is the founder and president of Nadia’s Initiative, a foundation supporting women and minorities through the redevelopment and stabilization of communities in crisis. Presently, Nadia and her team are focused on the Sinjar region of Iraq through the foundation’s newly created Sinjar Action Fund as well as global advocacy for victims of sexual violence. https://nadiasinitiative.org

Murad believes we must look past what divides us and find what unities us. Hope and humanity must be the cornerstones of what unites us - we owe it to future generations to establish successful examples of reconstruction, unity and justice.

If you would like to attend the conference please submit your contact information, affiliation and questions to info@nadiamurad.org by Sunday 11:59 pm. Press may arrive at 9am.

Date: Monday October 8th 2018
Time: 11am
The National Press Club
529 14th Street, NW, 13th Fl,Washington, DC 20045 202-662-7522

Contact: press@nadiasinitiative.org