Nadia’s advocacy work led her to meet people from around the world, including regional and global political leaders. She was frequently asked how governments and organization might help the Yazidis. Sadly, most leaders offered verbal support, but little material action. Political and situational constraints were blamed for inaction, and when aid came, it often failed to reach those in need. As a result, Nadia’s frustration with the international community grew. She saw a lack of will by world leaders resulting in a lack of progress in helping the Yazidi community, including redeveloping Sinjar. Thus, Nadia’s Initiative developed the idea of “The Sinjar Action Fund.” (SAF)

The situation in Sinjar is dire. The Yazidis face fatalities due to mines and systemically destroyed infrastructure as consequence of a ruthless genocide. Presently there are over 300,000 internally displace Yazidi’s in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, mostly living in squalor in IDP camps with little of the basic human necessities. Only 70,000 have returned. Unless the Yazidis can return to their ancient homeland and make a life for themselves, ISIS’s program of genocide will be a success. 

However, if Sinjar is redeveloped and the Yazidi people can return, it will be a significant accomplishment with positive repurcussions for the region and beyond. ISIS's aim of erasing the Yazidis from history must not only fail but backfire. We must establish mechanisms that not only prosecute genocide but undermine its effectiveness as a tactic.

We owe it to future generations to establish successful examples of reconstruction, unity, and justice.
Please help the SAF become a platform for the best aspects of the regional and international communities and, ultimately, a deterrent against future crimes.




So that the Yazidi people may return home as soon as possible, the SAF emphasizes humanitarian priorities and cooperation. Nadia’s outreach to many groups, regionally and internationally, has always sought unity. We hope the SAF will be looked at as an opportunity for the Baghdad central government and the KRG to coordinate in the long disputed territory of Sinjar. Baghdad and KRG’s cooperation is essential for a successful reconstruction process. Yazidis of all political affiliations are invited to work together constructively. These terrible circumstances have made mutual support and compassion essential. 




The SAF includes two categories of contributions.

1. Coalition of Commitments from Nation States
The SAF seeks commitments from nation states to allocate part of their reconstruction money for rebuilding Sinjar. The SAF will follow up on commitments,  and report progress. Because of Nadia’s advocacy work, she has built a global platform to share findings, commend supporters, and encourage participants in meeting their commitments.

 2. Fund operated by Nadia’s Initiative
The Sinjar Action Fund is open to all nation-states, non-governmental organizations, and individuals of the international community willing to contribute directly to the SAF. Funds given to Nadia’s Initiative will be allocated to advocacy and reconstruction project baed on our assessment and further investigations of the issue.




The SAF was initially organized by Nadia's Initiative in cooperation with the French government. The first priorities, described by President Macron, include a commitment to de-mining, which is already underway. However, the SAF is not limited to the French. The needs of the region are vast, and no one country could support the full re-development of Sinjar.