Sinjar Action Fund

Nadia’s Initiative established the Sinjar Action Fund (SAF) to advance reconstruction efforts.  Nadia’s Initiative is uniquely positioned to facilitate the redevelopment of the Sinjar due to its extensive knowledge and understanding of the political, cultural and economic complexities of the region. Nadia’s Initiative brings a comprehensive peace building approach to the process of rebuilding and recognizes that reconstruction efforts must be developed locally – local solutions to local problems.  Nadia Murad seeded the fund by donating 100% of her prize money from the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Without further commitments from the global community, the Yazidi population will cease to exist.


With a commitment of two million euros from the French government and a European Union commitment of one million euros, Nadia’s Initiative is partnering with Chaine de l’Espoir (CDE) to build a new hospital in Sinjar City over the next three years. Currently, the Iraqi government is assigning a plot of land for construction. In the interim period, an operating theater in the wing of the old hospital building is being built and will be operational by December 2019.


Iraq may be the most landmine-affected country in the world following decades of conflict. Since 2014, this contamination has been made much worse by ISIS, which deployed improvised explosive devices and landmines on an industrial scale. ISIS targeted vast areas of agricultural land around villages as well as around key infrastructure. Explosives were placed in people’s homes, schools and medical facilities. The scope and scale of mining put both internally displaced and returning populations at significant risk of injury and death. It prevents effective humanitarian, rebuilding and recovery efforts.

In Sinjar approximately 90% of the 500,000 population (93,000 households) fled. Only 8,177 families have returned to less comprised regions. Much work remains to be done, despite MAG releasing more than 2.6 million square meters of land in Sinjar district, finding and removing thousands of explosive ordnance.



To bring back life to the region of Sinjar, Nadia’s Initiative’s is working to enable farming communities to return to their homes and maintain a sustainable livelihood.

During their attacks on Yazidis in Sinjar, ISIS burned hundreds of farms and agricultural fields after looting them. These tactics were intended to prevent Yazidis from returning home.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Republic of China (Taiwan), Nadia’s Initiative - in collaboration with implementing partner Dorcas Aid International - is helping owners of 30 farms rehabilitate fields destroyed by ISIS. Nadia’s Initiative and Dorcas will provide them with seeds for winter and summer crops, generators, electrical wires, greenhouses, tubes, boreholes, and water tankers.

Previously, thanks to a generous grant from the Big Heart Foundation, Nadia's Initiative successfully rehabilitated 14 farms in the Sinjar region.

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Thanks to a generous grant from the Belgian government, Nadia’s Initiative is in the first stages of building a primary school in Bahrava, Sinjar with local implementing partner Eyzidi Organization for Documentation.