The Sinjar Action Fund 

Nadia’s advocacy work led her to meet people from around the world, including regional and global political leaders. Nadia was frequently asked how governments and organization might help the Yazidis. Sadly, most global leaders offered Nadia and the Yazidis verbal support, but little material action. Leaders would blame the political and situational constraints for inaction, and when they acted, often aid was prevented from reaching those who needed it. As a result, Nadia’s frustration with the international community grew. She saw a lack of will by world leaders resulting in a lack of progress in helping the Yazidi community, including redeveloping Sinjar. Thus, Nadia’s Initiative developed the idea of “The Sinjar Action Fund.” The fund hopes to clear the way for help to reach the Yazidi community. The fund prioritizes projects aimed at reversing damage incurred by the war against ISIS and the genocide of the Yazidi people. The fund seeks to encourage all stakeholders to emphasize humanitarian priorities over political differences and press all stakeholders into action.


“The Sinjar Action Fund” was initially organized in cooperation with the French government. The initial project initiatives, described by President Macron, reflect a commitment to de-mining, which is already underway. However, the fund is not limited to the French. The needs of the region are vast, and no one country could support the full re-development of Sinjar. The Sinjar Action Fund is open to all nation-states, non-governmental organizations, and individuals of the international community willing to contribute. Donations will support specific projects necessary to allow the return of Yazidis to their lands. In addition to demining, donations will go to the reconstruction of essential infrastructures (schools, hospitals, sewages, roads, and bridges). Donors may also make contributions of technical support and expertise. Donations ensure that Yazidis can return home and make a life for themselves.


We hope the “The Sinjar Action Fund” will be looked at as an opportunity for the Baghdad central government and the KRG to coordinate in the long disputed territory of Sinjar. Baghdad and KRG’s cooperation is essential for a successful reconstruction process. Yazidis of all political affiliations are invited to work together constructively. Projects will prioritize the return of the Yazidis displaced from their land over political differences. Presently there are over 300,000 internally displace Yazidi’s in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, mostly living in squalor in IDP camps with little of the basic human necessities. Only 70,000 have returned. 


Hopefully the “The Sinjar Action Fund” will encourage the redevelopment of Sinjar.  If Sinjar is redeveloped and the Yazidi people can return to their homeland, it will be a significant accomplishment in the larger mission of achieving justice for the Yazidi people. We must render ISIS's aim of erasing the Yazidis from history not only a failure but an impetus to the opposite outcome. It will serve as an example for reconstruction, a platform for the best aspects of the regional and international communities and, ultimately, a deterrent against future crimes.