Sinjar Action Fund

The situation in Sinjar is dire. The Yazidis face fatalities due to mines and systemically destroyed infrastructure as a consequence of a ruthless genocide. Presently there are over 300,000 internally displace Yazidi’s in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, mostly living in poverty in IDP camps with little of the basic human necessities. Only 70,000 have returned. Unless the Yazidis can return to their ancient homeland and make a life for themselves, ISIS’s program of genocide will be a success. Nadia’s Initiative established the Sinjar Action Fund (SAF) to advance reconstruction efforts in the Yazidi Homeland – to turn empty promises into concrete solutions.  Nadia Murad is seeding the fund by donating 100% of her prize money from the Nobel Peace Prize. But, without commitments from the global community, the Yazidi population will cease to exist. 

In January of 2018, Nadia’s Initiative undertook a significant assessment of Sinjar to understand better the obstacles stagnating redevelopment and document the current state of the region.  The Status of Sinjar Report is the most comprehensive analysis of the area and provides an assessment of the following sectors:

  • Livelihoods & Food Security 

  • Shelter & Non-Food Items (NFIs)

  • Education

  • Health

  • Infrastructure

  • Protection  

The report is a virtual blueprint for rebuilding Sinjar because it identifies critical, concrete projects for redevelopment.  Reconstructing basic facilities, communication networks, education & healthcare infrastructures and establishing economic opportunities for returnees is a crucial step in comprehensive peacebuilding. Click here to download the report.

Why Nadia’s Initiative and The Sinjar Action Fund

Nadia’s Initiative is uniquely positioned to facilitate the redevelopment of the Sinjar due to its extensive knowledge and understanding of the political, cultural and economic complexities of the region.   Nadia’s Initiative brings a comprehensive peace building approach to the process of rebuilding and recognizes that reconstruction efforts must be developed locally – local solutions to local problems.  

Returnees must be an integral part of the solution and involved in the development of critical infrastructure projects.  This type of approach will empower survivors and re-establish a sense of community in the region.  Nadia’s Initiative strongly believes in making survivors, particularly women and children an active voice in the peace building process.  

Advantages of Nadia’s Initiative: 

  • Globally Recognized Voice of the Yazidi Community 

  • Unique Localized Strategy to Rebuilding

  • Access to Local, Regional and International Implementers Working in Sinjar

  • Relationships with Local, Regional and Global Leadership 

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