Amal Clooney, a human-rights lawyer, is working with a Yazidi refugee to put Islamic State in the dock. Read more in The Economist Magazine.

Nadia’s powerful message on Human Rights Day.

“Nadia Murad – thank you for this deeply moving call to #StandUp4HumanRights, and to be a human rights champion” – United Nations Human Rights Office of The High Commissioner :

Iraq nominates Yezidi woman Nadia Murad for Nobel prize

Nadia Murad, a Yezidi woman who escaped the clutches of Islamic State (ISIS) militants and went on to highlight the plight of women kidnapped and enslaved by the group,  was officially nominated by Iraq on Tuesday for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Read more.

Amal Clooney told the UN they did nothing to help Isis sex slaves.

“When I addressed the UN Security Council earlier this year, I told them I was ashamed as a supporter of the United Nations that states are failing to punish genocide. I am ashamed that there is no justice being done and barely a complaint being made about it. More than that, I am ashamed as […]

Canada Is Bringing in Yazidis Who Have Been Put Through Hell By ISIS

The move follows months of pressure from Conservatives who put forward a motion that calls on the government to recognize that ISIS has committed genocide against the religious minority, and to acknowledge that Yazidi women and girls continue to be held as sex slaves by the terror group. Read more on Vice.

The Oxi Day Battle of Crete Award

Mr. Vice President, Joe Biden Ambassador Haris Lalacos Mr. Andrew Manatos Mr. Mike Manatos Ladies and Gentlemen It is a great honor to be here tonight with you. I came here because I can clearly see why it is important we look back at history, and that we learn from this past and reflect on […]