Commemorating the Third Anniversary of the Genocide Against the Yazidis 

Today, 3 August 2017, marks the third anniversary of the genocide against the Yazidi. In the summer of 2014, the so-called Islamic State (IS or ISIS) launched a systematic campaign of mass atrocities against civilians in northern Iraq. By 3 August that campaign reached Sinjar City and many other towns and villages in the region […]

Hamburg “Day of Exile” 

“ It was my great honor to sponsor and participate in the opening ceremony of the Hamburg “Day of Exile”. Nadia Murad 06/12/17

A statement from Nadia Murad regarding the liberation of Kocho

With tears streaming down my face, I have received the news that my village of Kocho is being liberated by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force. The liberation of Kocho is a victory for humanity. It is a victory of good over evil. Nonetheless, this victory is incomplete. The world has left my people to endure […]

A Meeting with his Holiness Pope Francis

English-عربي I am blessed to be in one of the most peaceful places, The Holy See, where I met his Holiness Pope Francis during the Wednesday General Audience, 3rd May 2017. I felt his Holiness peace, hope, forgiveness and mercy after his warm welcome. What made me happy that our holy father knew me and […]

Nadia Murad visit to Stanford University

زيارة نادية مراد لجامعة ستانفورد- أمريكا Nadia Murad, a Yazidi human rights activist and UNODC GoodWill Ambassador, and Yazda President Haider Elias spoke at the annual Stanford Global Studies student dinner on April 17. As a part of our mission to help the Yazidi victims, Nadia Murad and Yazda organization continue to supporting a cause […]

Nadia Murad’s statement on the occasion of the Armenian Genocide

On behalf of the Yazidi community, I wish to extend our compassion and understanding to our Armenian sisters and brothers, who are today commemorating the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Just over a century ago, the Ottoman Turkish authorities perpetrated a genocide against Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Yazidis. Millions were killed or perished on […]