The Iraqi Presidency Submitted the Yazidi Female Survivors’ Law to Parliament for Review and Approval on March 28, 2019

Announcement from the Iraqi Presidency: “The draft Law applies to Yazidi women who were kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS, and later escaped or were rescued from captivity. It aims to award financial and ethical compensation to these female survivors, to rebuild their lives and their towns, to facilitate their full rehabilitation, reintegration into society, […]

“I am a survivor of Islamic State Violence. Don’t forget us.”

Nadia Murad, April 4, 2019, Washington Post editorial “In 2014, a few months before the Islamic State attacked Sinjar in Iraq, extremists killed a young border patrolman named Ismail from my hometown of Kocho. After I had escaped my own enslavement at the hands of the Islamic State, I realized his death had been a […]

Nadia’s Initiative is working with partner NGOs to repair/build hospitals in Northern Iraq

Nadia’s Initiative is working with local Yazidi NGO, Eyzidi Organization for Documentation, to begin repairing the Sinuni Hospital supplement. Sinuni is the main city north of Sinjar Mountain in Northern Iraq. Parts of the hospital were destroyed and looted during ISIS attacks in the region. With the support of Nadia’s Initiative, the Eyzidi Organization for […]

Nadia Murad participates in Luxembourg Conference on Sexual Violence

On March 26th, Nadia Murad took part in the Stand, Speak, Rise Up conference – a platform for survivors and key actors to come together to end sexual violence in fragile environments. The event took place in Luxembourg, as part of an initiative of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. At the event, Murad spoke about […]

Nobel Peace Laureate Nadia Murad Meets with Flemish Parliament

“Minister-President Geert Bourgeois and Chairman Jan Peumans had the honour of welcoming Nadia Murad in the Flemish Parliament on 25 March. Mrs. Murad spoke about her fight against sexual violence in conflict areas for which she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. Minister-president Bourgeois expressed his support and awarded her NGO Nadia’s Initiative a […]

Nobel Laureates, Advocates to Advise G-7 on Women’s Rights

“Human rights advocates met Tuesday in Paris to discuss potential strategies leading industrial nations could employ to reduce violence and discrimination against women. French President Emmanuel Macron named 35 advocates to give the Group of Seven recommendations, France took over the G-7’s presidency on Jan. 1, and Macron has said he wants gender equality to […]

International Crisis Group: A Way Forward for Sinjar

Both Iraq and its autonomous Kurdish region have formed new governments that seem ready to resume talks about the status of Iraq’s disputed territories. These are fourteen administrative districts – of which Sinjar is one – nominally controlled by Baghdad but claimed by the Kurdish regional government in Erbil. A new UN special representative for […]