Nobel Laureates, Advocates to Advise G-7 on Women’s Rights

“Human rights advocates met Tuesday in Paris to discuss potential strategies leading industrial nations could employ to reduce violence and discrimination against women. French President Emmanuel Macron named 35 advocates to give the Group of Seven recommendations, France took over the G-7’s presidency on Jan. 1, and Macron has said he wants gender equality to […]

International Crisis Group: A Way Forward for Sinjar

Both Iraq and its autonomous Kurdish region have formed new governments that seem ready to resume talks about the status of Iraq’s disputed territories. These are fourteen administrative districts – of which Sinjar is one – nominally controlled by Baghdad but claimed by the Kurdish regional government in Erbil. A new UN special representative for […]

Nobel Winner Wants To Start Fund For Women Sexually Assaulted In Conflict

“Sexual violence as a weapon of war is not isolated to one conflict — it is a common tactic used around the world. Reparations are a step toward restoring dignity to survivors who often do not have any means to seek justice for the pain and suffering they have endured. A global fund is an […]

A Powerful Mechanism To Respond To The Atrocities Perpetrated In Iraq And Syria

The Act is intended to provide the ultimate response to the genocidal atrocities committed by Daesh in Syria and Iraq, “to provide emergency relief to victims of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Iraq and Syria, to provide accountability for perpetrators of these crimes and for other purposes.” Indeed, through the Act, the […]

Lord Ahmad announces funding boost for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict

The Murad Code, named after Yazidi Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad, will help bring justice to victims of sexual violence globally. We welcome UK support and call for other countries to join us. Read More:

ISIS May Be Gone, But Iraq’s Yazidis Are Still Suffering

SINJAR, Iraq—Iraq’s strategically located town of Sinjar, now empty of civilians and devoid of life, “lies buried beneath rubble. Although it was liberated from the Islamic State three years ago, the city remains in ruins—and has become rife with proxy militias vying for regional control. Situated about 20 miles from the Syrian border, the town […]

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Demand Global Action on Mass Rape

“Thank you very much for this honor,” said Ms. Murad, 25, a Yazidi woman who was forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State, “but the fact remains that the only prize in the world that can restore our dignity is justice and the prosecution of criminals.” Read more in The New York Times.

President Macron announces his support for Nadia’s Initiative’s Sinjar Action Fund at The Paris Peace Forum

Published on 13 Novembre 2018 via “On the occasion of the Paris Peace Forum, the President of the Republic sponsored the launch by Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Prize 2018, of a fund for the reconstruction of the Iraqi Sinjar region, particularly marked by the Daesh abuses. France will mobilize two million euros to supplement […]