Time 100 Most Influential People

Nadia Murad stands in a long, invisible history of fierce, indomitable women who rise from the scorched earth of rape during war to break the odious silence and demand justice and freedom for their sisters. At 19 she lost her home, her country, her culture, her mother to murder; witnessed male members of her family […]

UK parliament condemns Islamic State violence as genocide.

“The parliamentary motion also called on the British government to ask the U.N. Security Council immediately to give the International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction over the issue “so that perpetrators can be brought to justice”. Read more in Reuters

John Kerry Calls ISIS Actions Genocide

” Last year, Yazidi activists worked with Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, to petition the world body on the question of genocide. They filed a 49-page report, after a field visit by Mr. Moreno-Ocampo to northern Iraq, where he met women who had been raped by fighters, and survivors of […]

A Yezidi Woman Who Escaped ISIS Slavery Tells Her Story

It is not easy for Nadia to tell this story, and she’s been doing it all day. She’s about my age, wearing a leather jacket just like mine, and her hair is fastened with the same drugstore hair clip that is holding up my own. But when I smile at her, she looks away. She […]