Rehabilitation of Al Qurtaba Primary School

Nadia’s Initiative recently rehabilitated Al Qurtaba Primary School in Dogri Complex, Sinjar. Access to quality education is a major concern for Yazidi returnees to Sinjar. This is why we work to create a positive learning environment that enables students in the region to thrive. At Al Qurtaba, the latest school we rebuilt, we cleaned the […]

Stories from Sinjar – Testimonies from Farming Beneficiaries

    At Nadia’s Initiative, we take pride in working closely with local communities to design and implement our sustainable development projects. We recently spoke to beneficiaries of one of our livelihoods projects, which focuses on rebuilding farms in Sinjar to revitalize the area’s once-prosperous agriculture industry. Here’s what one beneficiary told us: “After the […]

Press Release: UAE to Support Comprehensive WASH Project in Sinjar

UAE Grants AED 9.2 Million to Support Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Sinjar, Iraq   The UAE has announced a grant of AED 9.2 million (USD 2.5 million) to Nadia Murad’s organization, Nadia’s Initiative, to develop comprehensive potable water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Sinjar, Iraq. H.E. Sultan Al-Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs […]

Rehabilitation of Tal Qasab Primary School

Nadia’s Initiative recently completed rebuilding Tal Qasab Primary School, thanks to support from the Government of Flanders and implementing partner Sunrise NGO.  Access to quality education is a major concern for Yazidi families who have returned to Sinjar. With this in mind, we took a comprehensive approach to building a positive learning environment that will […]

Young Activists Summit

This year’s Human Rights Day’s theme was “Youth.” As such, the United Nations in Geneva hosted its first Young Activists Summit. Nadia Murad was the guest of honor. The summit’s theme was WOMEN AND GIRLS DRIVING PROGRESS, and Nadia spoke among a group of five other young female activists advocating for a better world – […]

Seeking Justice and Dignity for Survivors – UN Chronicle Op-Ed

Nadia Murad wrote an article for the UN Chronicle on Human Rights Day. You can read it below. On this Human Rights Day, I’d like to shed light on sexual violence—an important issue on which I have been working to raise awareness for several years. Five years ago, my life drastically changed when ISIL (the Islamic State […]

International Education Week 2019 ー Rehabilitation of Al Hatimia Primary School

November 18th – 22nd is International Education Week! Education is one of our organization’s main focus areas, and we have been rehabilitating/building multiple schools in the Sinjar region. Thanks to your donations and support, we recently completed rebuilding our first school, Al Hatimia Primary School, with implementing partner Sunrise NGO.  Before:   We began preparing […]

Farming and Livelihoods Project Update – October 2019

In September 2019, Nadia’s Initiative – with implementing partner Dorcas Aid International – began the official implementation of our Farming and Livelihoods project made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan). The project will rehabilitate 32 farms in the Sinjar region. In October, our teams selected 30 rain-fed crop farmers […]

Construction Begins on Phase 1 of Nadia’s Initiative Hospital Project

Nadia’s Initiative, along with implementing partner La Chaîne de l’Espoir (CDE), has officially begun building an Operating Theater in the existing Sinjar Primary Health Care Center. This Operating Theater will provide Yazidis with access to healthcare and emergency services in the interim period until the Nadia’s Initiative’s new Sinjar Hospital is constructed. Our teams are […]

USAID, in Partnership with Nadia’s Initiative, Rebuilds Wardiya Primary School

In partnership with Nadia’s Initiative, USAID is working with local NGO Youth Bridge Organization to rehabilitate the Wardiya Primary School so it can reopen its doors to Sinjar’s students. بالشراكة مع مبادرة ناديا، تعمل الوكالة الأمريكية للتنمية الدولية مع Youth Bridge Organization / منظمة جسر الشباب لإعادة تأهيل مدرسة الابتدائية في وردية حتى تتمكن من […]