Founded in September of 2016, Nadia’s Initiative is dedicated to advocating for victims of sexual violence and rebuilding communities in crisis. Nadia’s Initiative challenges world leaders to push past the status quo and assume a responsibility to act – to make “never again” a reality, not an empty promise.  Words without action is benign neglect and inflicts the same harm and suffering as the perpetrators of mass atrocities and sexual violence. Key Priorities of Nadia’s Initiative include:



Nadia’s Initiative works with heads of government, policymakers, media, and civil society to effect change on the ground for Yazdis and other minority groups in Iraq.  Dialogue focuses on urging leaders to recognize the importance of establishing and supporting a comprehensive peace building strategy for Sinjar – one that fosters reconciliation and promotes the redevelopment and safety of the region.

Key highlights:

  • Nadia’s Initiative has been instrumental in getting nation states to recognize the Yazidi genocide, by meeting with world leaders and calling on them to make public “declarations”.

  • Worked extensively to pressure the United Nations Security Council to pass Resolution 2379 which opened an investigation into the war crimes committed by Daesh against the Yazidi people.

  • Established partnership with Mine Advisory Group (MAG) and obtained funding from France and the United States to de-mine Sinjar (on-going).

  • Global awareness for combating war crimes and seeking justice for victims of sexual violence



Nadia’s Initiative established the Sinjar Action Fund (SAF) to advance reconstruction efforts – to turn empty promises into concrete solutions!  Nadia Murad is seeding the fund by donating 100% of her prize money from the Nobel Peace Prize. But, without commitments from the global community, the Yazidi population will cease to exist.   

In January of 2018, Nadia’s Initiative undertook a major assessment of Sinjar to better understand the obstacles stagnating redevelopment and document the current state of the region.  The Status of Sinjar Report is the most comprehensive analysis of the region and provides an assessment of the following sectors:

  1. Livelihoods & Food Security 

  2. Shelter & Non Food Items (NFIs)

  3. Education

  4. Health

  5. Infrastructure

  6. Protection