France takes in 31 Yezidi families who were victims of Daesh – Press communiqué issued by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

Today, Thursday 8 August 2019, France is taking in 31 Yezidi women who were victims of Daesh [so-called ISIL], together with their children. A flight from Erbil organized by the International Organization for Migration and funded by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs landed early in the day at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. Read more:

Nadia Murad’s Speech at Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom 07/16/2019

I want to thank Vice President Pence, Secretary Pompeo, Ambassador Brownback, and the United States Office of International Religious Freedom for organizing this important conference. Thank you for your efforts to promote religious freedom. I am grateful for having the chance to speak here today. In the summer of 2014, ISIS invaded my ancestral homeland […]

Statement by Nadia Murad in Response to Recent Wildfires in Sinjar

On Saturday night, the burning of large swathes of agricultural land in Sinjar district caused two casualties and heavy crop losses. The fires in the north and south stirred at the same time when the wind was strong. Two young Yazidi men – Barzan Omar Kabuu and Sheikh Sa’id Sabri – lost their lives as […]

United Nations Interview with Nadia Murad

United Nations, April 29, 2019 Wartime sexual violence has become a significant aspect of today’s conflicts, affecting people across age and gender. Perpetrators often go unpunished and survivors do not get the support and redress that they need. What needs to be done to change this situation and where do we start? We need courts […]

The Iraqi Presidency Submitted the Yazidi Female Survivors’ Law to Parliament for Review and Approval on March 28, 2019

Announcement from the Iraqi Presidency: “The draft Law applies to Yazidi women who were kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS, and later escaped or were rescued from captivity. It aims to award financial and ethical compensation to these female survivors, to rebuild their lives and their towns, to facilitate their full rehabilitation, reintegration into society, […]

“I am a survivor of Islamic State Violence. Don’t forget us.”

Nadia Murad, April 4, 2019, Washington Post editorial “In 2014, a few months before the Islamic State attacked Sinjar in Iraq, extremists killed a young border patrolman named Ismail from my hometown of Kocho. After I had escaped my own enslavement at the hands of the Islamic State, I realized his death had been a […]

Nadia’s Initiative is working with partner NGOs to repair/build hospitals in Northern Iraq

Nadia’s Initiative is working with local Yazidi NGO, Eyzidi Organization for Documentation, to begin repairing the Sinuni Hospital supplement. Sinuni is the main city north of Sinjar Mountain in Northern Iraq. Parts of the hospital were destroyed and looted during ISIS attacks in the region. With the support of Nadia’s Initiative, the Eyzidi Organization for […]