Nadia’s Initiative Opens New Operating Theater and Maternity Ward in Sinjar

Nadia Murad and the Nadia’s Initiative team are excited to announce the official opening of the new Operating Theater and Maternity Ward in the existing Sinjar Hospital.

As part of Nadia’s Initiative’s plans to provide emergency medical services to returnees and residents of the Sinjar region, the Operating Theater officially opened on February 4th. Access to emergency medical services has been an ongoing issue in the Sinjar region, with residents having to travel long distances to receive the appropriate medical care. Having to travel long distances has put residents at high risk of further impairing their health.

Previously, there was no existing Operating Theater in Sinjar. For returnees, this meant they had no access to basic surgery services. The idea for the Operating Theater was envisioned by Nadia Murad, who recognized the urgent need for emergency medical services to be provided to Sinjar residents in the interim period when the new Sinjar Hospital was being built.

The new Operating Theater and Maternity Ward were built, high quality equipment was provided, and training will be provided to staff by implementing partner French NGO La Chaîne de l’Espoir.

The new Operating Theater is made possible thanks to the support of the French Government. We would like to thank the Iraqi Ministry of Health, Directorate of NGOs, Department of Health in Mosul, and the Department of Health in Sinjar for their support.