Rehabilitation of Tal Qasab Primary School

Nadia’s Initiative recently completed rebuilding Tal Qasab Primary School, thanks to support from the Government of Flanders and implementing partner Sunrise NGO. 

Access to quality education is a major concern for Yazidi families who have returned to Sinjar. With this in mind, we took a comprehensive approach to building a positive learning environment that will enable students to thrive. This will also hopefully encourage more displaced Yazidi families to return to Tal Qasab. 

We cleaned the school, rebuilt the infrastructure, secured access to electricity, constructed a garden and playground, installed a sanitation system, and refurbished the classrooms.

We hope this new school can serve as the epicenter of community life and bring the people of Tal Qasab together. In addition to Tal Qasab, we are continuing to rebuild schools in villages all across Sinjar, so that more Yazidis can rebuild their lives in their homeland.