International Education Week 2019 ー Rehabilitation of Al Hatimia Primary School

November 18th – 22nd is International Education Week! Education is one of our organization’s main focus areas, and we have been rehabilitating/building multiple schools in the Sinjar region.

Thanks to your donations and support, we recently completed rebuilding our first school, Al Hatimia Primary School, with implementing partner Sunrise NGO



We began preparing the site on October 12, and finished the repairs on November 7. We repaired cracks and painted walls, installed new doors, and fixed windows to strengthen the infrastructure. 


Additionally, we improved access to sanitation by installing a water tank, cleaning the sewage, and renovating the bathroom and plumbing.


We also did electrical work, such as fixing the sockets, installing fluorescent lights and ceiling fans, installing a water heater, and installing an AC.


Lastly, we refurbished the classrooms and rehabilitated the school garden to create a positive learning environment.


Education is a human right, and all young people deserve to study in a safe, positive learning environment. Al Hatimia is just the first of the many schools we are rebuilding, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!