Nadia Murad Addresses Gender Equality at G7 Panel

On September 24, Nadia Murad participated in the panel of the G7 Advisory Council for Equality between Women and Men at the French Consulate General in New York. 

Nadia and the panel discussed different legal and financial methods to address gender inequality. They focused on the topics of protecting women from violence, closing the education gender gap, and empowering women through entrepreneurship. 

Nadia emphasized the need to raise public awareness of issues related to gender equality, as she believes that real change comes from society. This means becoming involved not only in gender-equality issues in Europe and the United States, but also supporting women in developing countries throughout the world. 

She also highlighted the need to support survivors of violence, such as women in the DRC and Yazidi women in Iraq, so that they can not only recover, but thrive. She acknowledged that there are many women out there who also face other forms of gender-based violence, such as domestic violence, who we must also support. 

Nadia concluded, “This is the beginning of our mission. We need the support of men. We need everyone on our side.”