A Powerful Mechanism To Respond To The Atrocities Perpetrated In Iraq And Syria

The Act is intended to provide the ultimate response to the genocidal atrocities committed by Daesh in Syria and Iraq, “to provide emergency relief to victims of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Iraq and Syria, to provide accountability for perpetrators of these crimes and for other purposes.” Indeed, through the Act, the U.S. Administration has committed to fund organizations providing humanitarian assistance to communities affected by Daesh; to address the vulnerabilities of the survivors; to assist in identifying the early warning signs of mass atrocities; to support organizations that help obtain and preserve evidence of Daesh atrocities or that engage in the prosecution of Daesh atrocities; and to cooperate with other countries in preparing a database of the perpetrators or suspects. The Act endeavors to assist all victims of the Daesh genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Syria and Iraq, notably, this includes Christians and Yazidis specifically targeted by Daesh for annihilation. Read more in Forbes.