President Macron agrees to expand his support for the Yazidi homeland of Sinjar

“The President of the Republic today received Nadia Murad, whom he had invited to Paris after obtaining, jointly with Denis Mukwege, the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. He paid tribute to Nadia Murad’s fight for women victims of sexual violence and against ethnic and religious violence. He reiterated France’s commitment to impunity for crimes committed in Syria and Iraq. He said France would strengthen its assistance to the Sinjar region, both in humanitarian matters and in support of reconstruction. The President of the Republic announced that in response to Nadia Murad’s proposal, France would welcome 100 Yazidi women, victims of Daesh, released but currently blocked and without care in the refugee camps of Iraqi Kurdistan. 20 of them should be hosted by the end of the year and the others by 2019. The President of the Republic has also agreed to sponsor Nadia Murad’s launch of a fund for the reconstruction of Sinjar, which will include the creation of infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and thus promote the return of their land uprooted from Yazidi populations. The President invited Nadia Murad to present this initiative to the Paris Peace Forum, in front of dozens of heads of state and government, on November 11th.”