Nadia’s Initiative is a public foundation dedicated to helping survivors of war crimes re-build their lives and communities. Highlights include: 

Genocide Recognition.
Successfully lobbying several states and institutions to recognize the Yazidi genocide. Lobbying efforts successfully engaged the Scottish Parliament 2017, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 2016, European Parliament 2016, US House of Representatives 2016, US Secretary of State John Kerry 2016, UK House of Commons 2016, United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic 2016, French Senate and French National Assembly 2016, Kurdistan Regional Government Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa 2014, Iraq Government 2014. 

UN Security Council Resolution 2379. 
In September of 2017, the United Nations Security Council approved an unprecedented resolution to open an investigation into the war crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidi people. 

Voice for Survivors. 
Victims speaking out about ISIS crimes, specifically the gender-related aspects, contributed to breaking the stigma of survivors worldwide. In September 2016, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime appointed Nadia as the first goodwill ambassador for the dignity of survivors of human trafficking, 

Awareness of the plight of the Yazidi Community. 
Nadia has become the most internationally recognized advocate for her people. She has achieved a high level of respect and unprecedented visibility for the Yazidi community internationally. She has empowerment the community and helped unify the Yazidi diaspora.